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Providing superior fencing services you can only get from a firefighter owned and operated business.

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H&B Fencing is dedicated to providing customers with peace of mind by providing only fully insured fence installation crews and contractors.

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H&B Fencing is a Top-Rated Fencing Contractor in the Ellis County area and strive to provide excellent customer service

Swing Gate Operators

An automatic swing gate operator allows you to properly secure your property, while delivering the convenience of not having to manually open or close your gate. Solar Powered operators are available if power accessibility is an issue. H&B Fencing operators are purchased through a wholesale distributor and backed by a manufacture warranty.

Slide Gate Operators

An automatic slide gate operator greatly increases the usability of a sliding gate. Properly built sliding gates are heavy and difficult to manually operate. An automatic slide gate operator allows you to remotely open and close your gate, without ever having to touch it. No more getting wet from the rain or sweating from the Texas heat when all you need is a remote. H&B Fencing’s operators are purchased through a wholesale distributor and is fully backed by a manufacture warranty.

Gate Fabrication

H&B Fencing offers a variety of drive gate services. From a custom gate design to meet your design specifications, to a more economical option, H&B Fencing can help. Our experts are here to get you exactly the gate you are wanting, so that 

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand investing in a fence may be overwhelming, let us help you through it

This is a common question for Ellis County who have received multiple estimates with varying prices. H&B Fencing recommends Red Western Cedar when building your fence. This Northwestern Cedar has natural insect and water repellant oils that help extend the life of your fence.

We set our posts at a minimum of 24″ deep to get below the frost line found in North Texas. This prevents “upheaving” of the posts as water freezes below the concrete, lifting the post out and causing the fence to lean.

This a common question with an answer that depends on the complexity of the fence, as well as the total length. Typically, one can expect about 2-5 days for completion of their fence.

It is State Law to contact 811 and schedule a utility line location before digging. H&B Fencing schedules this free service before any job requiring digging or setting posts.

H&B Fencing’s lead time varies seasonally. During the spring and summer months, lead times can be up to 4 weeks. The Fall and Winter months typically have a lead time of about 2 weeks.¬†